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Lamborghini Gallardo + Tire Spikes = One Ba...

Feb 10, 2014Comments off1397 Views


I Couldn’t Give A Toss About The Size...

Feb 22, 2013Comments off2715 Views

I Couldn’t Give A Toss About The Size Debate: Skinny, Curvy, Who Gives A Sh*t I’m thoroughly worn out by the obsession with ‘skinny versus


Forget The Porn Star Look, Stay Hairy on Va...

Feb 14, 2013Comments off549 Views

Screw shaving for your significant other, celebrate Valentines by growing your pubic mound until it resembles a stranded hedgehog creeping out of your undergarments. It’s


10 Things That Turn Men On – The Trut...

Feb 14, 2013Comments off1378 Views

  It’s not all about sexy underwear, tasteful lighting and friction. Apparently the men of Twitter want a PS3 playing sexual gymnast with a good

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