Hand Recognition Coffee Maker Remembers Exactly How You Like Your Coffee

February 14, 2013
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memory coffee maker (2)

Memory uses hand print recognition to act as your personal barista and make the perfect cup of coffee for each person in your home or office. To set it up, each individual selects their desired preference of weak, medium, or strong, or maybe you prefer espresso or ristretto. When you’re ready for your perfect cup of coffee, Memory will scan your hand and get it right every time.

Memory is a concept designed by Wenyao Cai and is a top 10 finalist at the 2012 Electrolux Design Lab competition. Wenyao describes the inspiration for his design “As no two people’s memories can ever be the same so are people’s tastes in coffee. So when the user touches the Memory instead of them remembering how to make their favorite coffee the Memory does it for them thus, creating a connection and experience between the user and the Memory.”


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