The Street Sleeper From Hell

July 16, 2014
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Created by the Germans from WKT, the car sports a four-cylinder engine with a turbo the size of a large watermelon running 35 psi. The end result is 685 white knuckle horsepower and an undisclosed torque figure, with which the car becomes a hard to beat contender in any type of drag race from a roll, as the footage clearly shows. The first race is against a Ferrari 458 Special with a Capristo exhaust, which the little Kadett from hell manages to obliterate in a straight line. A Porsche 911 Turbo of the 997 variety, which is also tuned to 660HP, puts up a bit of a fight but the Kadett still wins by a hair, while the Yamaha R1 in the end is the only competitor that manages to beat this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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